50 Words That Rhyme To Use In Poems or Songs

Rhyme is understood as the musicality that occurs when a set of sounds are repeated between two words. Rhymes are commonly found in poetry. However, there is free poetry that does not use these repetitive sounds.

Words That Rhyme

It should be noted that there are times when it is difficult to get two words to rhyme properly. It may be that we have chosen a word that is very difficult to rhyme, or that we do not know exactly how to join two words that rhyme in the same context.

Words That Rhyme and That You Can Use Freely

For that reason we have prepared a list containing 50 rhymes between different words to choose from, some are consonant or perfect rhymes, and others are assonant or imperfect rhymes. The latter means that the words only coincide in the last vowel.

1. Repeat – Shout.

These are words with consonant rhymes, an example of how to use it could be: “that moment in my mind I repeat when I heard your last cry”.

2. Report – Compliant.

These words also produce a consonant rhyme, used in an example would be like this: “When I gave my report to the teacher, I saw in his eyes that he was satisfied”.

3. Spyglass – Old.

Again, a couple of rhyming words, an example with these could be: “Using this magic spyglass, I see my future and I look old.”

4. Downpour – I remember.

Now it is the turn of a couple of words that produce an assonance rhyme. For example: “in my mind, I keep the memory of the cold night when a downpour fell.”

5. Tremble – Sow.

Another example with words that produce assonance rhymes can be: “The years can be seen in my trembling hand when the time has come to reap the crops.”

6. Dude – Milkshake.

We continue with the examples of assonance rhymes, this could be one: “After years I saw my friend again, the first thing that occurred to me was to invite him to a milkshake”.

7. Stay – Bloom.

Back to the consonant rhymes, in this way, we can use these words: “Even if you don’t believe me, my love will remain. After every storm, it is sure to bloom.”

8. Face – Map

Since both words only agree on the last vowel, this is an assonance rhyme. We could use them like this: “I admire every freckle on your face, with my finger on them I managed to draw a map”

9. Treasure – Longing

Exactly! This is a consonant rhyme, let’s see it in an example: “Every day I remember you, my treasure. With more intensity every day I miss your company.

10. Gratitude – Youth.

Let’s practice with another consonant rhyme: “Father, today I express my gratitude to you, for allowing me to have served you in my youth.”

11. Worm – Mouthful.

Let’s see how this assonance rhyme works: “The swift bird, hastily throws him over the worm, and to complete his feat, he takes a bite of it.”

12. Tried – Fell.

Although the rhyme quite well, as a rule, it is still an assonance rhyme, let’s see: “The stubborn pirate, impossible to remove treasure tried, more because of his greed, to the deep hole of the treasure fell”

13. Knitting – Go crazy.

This one is a consonant rhyme, unlike the previous one: “An old spider has forgotten how to weave. Trying to remember just drives her crazy.”

14 Live – Die.

It is ironic how two words that mean the opposite can perfectly rhyme: “In order for me to live, He had to die for me”

15. Mind – Different.

Let’s continue with the examples of consonant rhymes: “You have taken over my heart and mind, now it is a completely different place.”

16. Lady – Mistress

There are many possibilities to compose different rhymes! For example: “Let me whisper in my ear, beautiful lady, you are my whole world and my heart loves you.”

17. Scorpion – Regret.

Assonance rhymes are a bit complicated to formulate, but not impossible: “Be careful and don’t tempt the scorpion, lest you later regret it”

18. Born – Breath

The magic of poetry is also in the feelings they convey, not only in the rhymes: “A mother listens to the cry of her newborn. Across the hospital, a loved one draws his last breath.

19. Listen – Mar.

If you are clear about what you want to express, the rhymes will be a piece of cake: “In the crackling of the bonfire, I can hear your voice, as clear as hearing it in the middle of the sea”

20. Observe – Play

You can use the rhymes to communicate different sensations: “I can see the rain through my window, and the children in puddles of water when playing”.

21. Searched – Found.

You can make the rhymes relate to their meanings, like this: “For lives and ages my soul has searched for you, and now more than ever I am sure, I have found you.”

22. It will come – It will come back.

Perfect rhymes give a unique tone to the stanzas of a poem: “The clouds warn that the storm is coming. The sun does not flinch, because from the clouds it will soon return.

23. Trails – Remembrance.

Yes, this is an assonance rhyme, let’s see how it works: “It is when I walk this old path, that the moments of my childhood I remember”.

24. Farewell – Wound.

If you’re not very good at rhyming, play it safe and use consonant rhymes: “It seems that the quicker and simpler the goodbye, the deeper the wound.”

25. Complaint – Waiver.

Express without limits what you want to communicate to the readers: “And thanks to the people and their insistent denunciation, the ruler, defeated, submitted his resignation”

26. Book – Caliber.

Here’s another example of consonant rhymes: “With every word I read from this book, with every word my mind I calibrate.”

27. Sky – Handkerchief.

Don’t just connect the words, connect the feeling too: “I can’t help but wipe my tears with my old handkerchief every time I look up at the sky.”

28. Child – Honey.

Coherence is very important when it comes to rhyming: “For me, there is no purer feeling in a child than the way in which he shows true affection.

29. Coat – I bless.

The context is very important so as not to confuse readers: “He who feeds me, and shelters me in the cold, that one, with the life I bless.”

30. Howls – Came.

Remember that assonance rhyme is the coincidence of the vowels of one word with another: “The silence of the night is interrupted by a soft howl, which in turn is interrupted by a trembling, where did it come from?”

31. Skill – Quality.

With these two words together we get a consonant rhyme: “Refine, then, your skill. Then everything you do will be of quality.”

32. Summer – Ice cream.

And unlike the previous words, with these two an assonant rhyme is achieved: “There is no better way to enjoy summer than to be with friends enjoying ice cream.”

33. Called – Scared.

These words form a consonant rhyme because they both end the same: “Hear the song, the wild one called. He answers curious, he goes in scared.

34. March – Sing.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to rhyme, we are here to help: “Respond the people, the call to march. For those who fell in battle today, we are going to sing.”

35. Shelter – Boredom.

Did you know that rhymes help improve learning? “While the storm calms down, and I take shelter, I count the hours, minutes, seconds and I get bored.”

36. Touch – Dance.

Children learn faster if they are taught with rhymes: “When the guitar begins to play, my heart begins to dance”

37. Straightened – Sword.

He tells epic stories using these tools: “I was downcast and barely straightened up, with the last of my strength I wielded my sword.”

38. Listened – Sharpened.

By sharing the same vowel ending, it becomes an assonance rhyme: “Strange sound in the night he heard, curious and with fear his ear sharpened”.

39. Tortoise – Escape.

You can use other devices to improve your rhymes: “Having taken everything the cunning turtle, hastily fled.”

40. Sanity – Madness.

“I find my sanity within my own madness.”

41. Shoe – Mouse.

“With these old but faithful shoes, my walk usually takes a while.”

42. Everything – Mud.

“You promised to be with me in everything, but your words threw the mud.”

43. Cross-Light.

A rhyme with one-syllable words: “Take witness an empty cross, an empty grave, and a conquering light.”

44. Star – Beautiful.

Dedicating poems is a very nice act: “There is no star in the sky that shines like her smile, so beautiful.”

45. Evening – Splurge.

“There is nothing like the moon at night, a star that wastes so much beauty.”

46. ​​Assassin – Candidate.

You can tell stories using rhymes: “A cruel murder occurred during the assembly, the body of the candidate lay motionless in the parliament.”

47. I want – Sincere.

All words can rhyme, it’s just a matter of thinking: “I’m lying to you if I say I don’t want to become a prisoner of your sincere love”

48. Happiness – Search.

The number of syllables also influences to improve the rhyme: “To find happiness once and for all, he hastened to search throughout the world.”

49. World – I infuse.

Do not limit yourself to using the rhymes on this list, learn and create your own too: “So that he may rule with Me in this world, I infuse this mud with breath.

50. Passion – Heart.

One last consonant rhyme: “When you do what you love with passion, there is no way to hide the emotion of the heart.”

These are the Words That Rhyme to use freely. Stay tuned to Basictricks for more information.

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